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Condition: New
(#CLOWN paper instruction manual has stains )
Length: 105.0mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Floating

It is a single swivel with a single prop, and the propeller design had a spiral shape on the body itself. The head and the body of the head are the props ... This is an Ito style double propper. Not a double swisher. Just in case. By the way, how do you use Scream X? Then, when it is jerked it into a violent swish sound, it is strange. Dart off to the side. Now, you are going to move the pencil bait, and you are going to put in a slightly stronger continuous twitch. Then, Scream X might do a dogwalk while inverting the body to the left and right. During the intense dog walk, Juo! With a screaming sound. This movement is a "HATAKICK" action that is reminiscent of the intense hataki behavior of large baits. It is a wide-angle dog walk that stirs the surface of the water with an intense flattering and is over 180 degrees.