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Condition: New
Length: 115mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Jerkbait exclusively for super shallow water !

The ITO SHINER, which has gained tremendous support from America's top professionals as the "founder of the ONETEN" bait, is now available in a special version designed exclusively for U.S. tournaments. In addition to the agile and natural movement of the original, the ITO SHINER SSR is a "super shallow exclusive jerkbait" that produces exciting waves on the surface.
The maximum diving depth of the SSR is only 50 to 70 cm, making it a competition-specific model for catching reaction bites efficiently while shooting in shallow water of less than 1 m. The SSR's unique wide bend bill allows it to be used in a wide variety of fishing conditions. The unique wide bend bill produces a high pitch roll action that continuously and sharply emits flashing on the side of the body below the water surface, which is different from the slow action of conventional shallow water minnows. This action can be used as a wake bait to lure targets lurking in the lower layers of the water by retrieving the lure at dead slow. The jerking trajectory is specialized for horizontal direction dart.
It does not plunge down to avoid being taken by the cover that lies just below the water's surface, but thoroughly keeps a very shallow range just below the water's surface. The "triple center of gravity shift" of low center of gravity, ultra-high specific gravity, and small diameter tungsten balancer achieves overwhelming long castability that makes it impervious to the blasting winds that blow against the lure in vast shallow water areas. It is a competition-specific secret bait designed to efficiently produce high scores from shallow areas.

Wide Bend Bill

The Wide Bend Bill has a high pitch roll action that is distinctly different from the slow action of conventional shallow water minnows.

Tungsten Triple Weight Oscillation System

The impact of "specific gravity × inertia" created by three ultra-high specific gravity, small-diameter tungsten balancers when casting achieves overwhelming long castability. The "real body" that catches fish is delivered to the target's face.