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Condition: New
Length: 64mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Floating

Reel hard, fish hard !

The long-awaited second installment of the IxI brand. Imae and Ito show the world the ultimate solution again. The rare high speeder is finally completed. Its name is I×I "FURIOUS.
Imae, as the name "Furious" implies, has thoroughly pursued elements that bring out to the utmost limit the bass's instinct to attack baits that flee at breakneck speed. Ito introduced the water-through mechanism (PAT.) introduced in the POPMAX, XPOD, Cyclone, etc., in order to realize a shallow runner of another dimension. The FURIOUS's water-streaming action, which acts like a virtual lip, is nothing short of spectacular. When retrieved at high speed, the water stream entering through the head intake is pressurized inside the body, speeding up the flow velocity and dramatically increasing the action and stability of the trajectory. Furthermore, excess water flow unnecessary for diving in super shallow water games is discharged downward through two water ducts under the gills to reduce pressure. This counteracts the over-range diving vector caused by the longer and faster retrieves in wide-area shallow water games, which naturally increases water resistance, and realizes high-speed reeling fishing while maintaining a shallow depth as if the lure is stuck to a fixed layer. FURIOUS is equipped with a micro LBO (PAT.). The impressive high pitch over-roll promotes sharp strobe flicker. It is another world in itself that a thin mini plug weighing only about 7g can achieve overwhelming ultra-long distance castability that defies the headwind.
The ultimate solution was again fierce. FURIOUS embodies the shallow water game in another dimension.

MODEL 1.5 (One Point Five)
・Versatility shallow runner with a maximum diving depth of 1.5m.
・High pitch rolling drive action for super fast flickering and impressive stability.
・Ultra-tight swimming action with power to swim through even a small amount of debris and sediment picked up by the hook after touching the bottom. The lure swims through the crevices of the riprap, creating an ultra-aggressive shallow water game.


The hydrodynamics of the water-through mechanism provides innovative control of action and range. During retrieve, water taken in through the head intake is pressurized inside the body to increase the velocity of the water flow, resulting in a high pitch action and significantly improved stability for a straight trajectory.
Two water ducts under the gills discharge the water flow downward, generating a lift vector in the body in the direction of the lure's ascent, keeping the lure at a constant range for a long distance.
The long castability of the LBO allows for longer retrieves and the high speed retrieve of the high gear reel creates an over-range diving vector, which is offset by the reduced pressure created by the excess water discharge. The LBO reel is light and has high stability as if it is sticking to a certain layer, enabling super-shallow fishing with long retrievals and super-high-speed reeling.


A micro balancer with an ultra-low center of gravity of only 5.5 mm in diameter. The Micro LBO, the world's smallest at present, incorporates a large number of sophisticated minimal ball bearings that realize "instantaneous movement. The micro LBO weight, which has a thin shaft shape, moves with an ultra-low center of gravity on a balance axis that is perfectly synchronized with the "roll axis center" where the body form creates action. The IxI Shad's overwhelming action directionality, which is out of the ordinary for an extremely small lure, and the impressive linearity of its straight swimming trajectory and beautiful flight posture are realized by this new theory and the micro LBO system.