Unused KANATA+1 SW

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 160mm
Weight: 31g
Type: Floating

Monster bites up, NEW impact !

Kanata+1 SW is a diving model with a maximum diving depth of 3.2 m, 1 m deeper than that of Kanata SW. Like the Kanata SW, despite its large size (160mm), it has extremely light pulling resistance and is responsive enough to search an area at a good tempo. The high pitch roll action, which has been further refined, produces a natural tight wave action and realistic flickering appeal that one would not expect from a big body. Kanata+1 SW can be used from high footholds such as breakwaters and offshore breakwaters, and can be used in the lower range down to the foot of the lure. The Kanata+1 SW is a high-impact minnow that combines an overwhelming presence with a natural swimming action that stimulates the predatory center of the fish, allowing it to attack the field more widely and more deeply.

Tungsten Triple Weight Oscillation System

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