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Condition: New
Length: 150mm
Weight: 66g
Type: Floating

Unprotected power UP !
Evolved "swimming" !

The KONOSIRUS SWIMMER is a special bait that produces a lipless, non-resistance swimming action.
It can be used in shallow water patterns such as wading and shallow surf areas, as well as for large fish eaters that cling to schools of gizzard shad in shifting migration layers. Despite its large size, the lure has extremely light pulling resistance, allowing anglers to search large areas at a high tempo. Excellent hydro-dynamics produce an extremely natural roll and flashing action. When stopped, the bait flutters and rises to the surface with a back-slide, creating a realistic effect of a damaged gizzard shad. It has an overwhelming presence against monster fish that are ravenously biting large baits, triggering ferocious bites.

Target Range


Brushed up to a more high pitch and high response action by changing the setting.

Three-weight center-of-gravity shifting system
Three high specific gravity weights create strong inertia force when casting and provide outstanding castability.

Swivel hook eye

Newly designed lipless model
Lipless model creates a non-resistance swimming action. The drag resistance is extremely light, allowing anglers to search large areas at a high tempo.

Super low center of gravity balancer mount
A high specific gravity weight placed in the lower part of the body produces a sharp rolling action. It produces an overwhelming flickering impact.