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Condition: New
Length: 7.0 inch
Weight: 1-3/8oz
Type: Slow Floating

Panic slalom for a blow !

MAGDRAFT AYU TWITCHER is a technical swimbait that can adjust its action to various conditions depending on the retrieve speed and rod work. Megabass' proprietary MAGHOLD (PAT.P) system magnetizes the hook to the body, camouflaging its presence.
This system eliminates any sense of discomfort for tough targets and provides a flexible and natural action. The MAGDRAFT AYU TWITCHER's body format, which maximizes body sensitivity, provides outstanding swimming performance in fields where current interferes, such as river games and backwaters. In stop-water games, it enables precise contact and actively triggers the reaction bite of clever fish.


Straight retrieve for a variety of swimming speeds.
(1) Dead slow retrieve: Sticking action
(2) Slow to medium retrieve...Slalom swimming
(3) Fast retrieve: Panic and escape action


The fish performs an underwater dogwalk by shaking its head from side to side with continuous twitching.
Dogwalking and turning at a pin spot with less moving distance is possible.