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Condition: New
Length: 7.0 inch
Weight: 1-3/8oz
Type: Slow Floating

Beyond swimbaits, a fish body that bites !

MAGDRAFT HASU RAVER is a new dimension of swimming manipulator with many movable sections that "always moves". The ultra-realistic swimming shape of the triple body and ultra-thin joints, combined with the live fins that flutter and glamorously move with the slightest of water currents, makes for a realistic swimming action that is full of life. The supple action of the bait makes it look like a natural bait itself, a pseudo-living organism. A long jerk just below the water's surface produces an instantaneous escape action, as if a real panic bait is running away. When the target fish chases on a straight retrieve but does not bite, the jerk turns on its predatory instincts and brings it to the bite with a single strike. The HASU RAVER's amazing predation rate, which can make a target bite with simple actions such as the shaking that occurs at the moment of stopping or the panic escape action that suddenly increases the retrieve speed, is an amazing feature of the HASU RAVER. Megabass' unique MAGHOLD (PAT.P) system magnetizes the hook to the body, camouflaging its presence. It eliminates any sense of discomfort against tough targets, and demonstrates a flexible and natural action. HASU RAVER, which adjusts to large bait patterns, is a new entity that goes far beyond the performance of swimbaits.


Straight retrieve for a variety of swimming speeds.
(1) Dead slow retrieve: Sticking action
(2) Slow to medium retrieve: Snake swimming
(3) Fast retrieve: Buzzing action just below the water's surface


The twitch action creates an escape action that causes the fish to flee in an irregular manner. By jerking the bait with pinpoint accuracy, it stimulates the fighting instincts of bass lurking in the structure and triggers a reaction bite. The angler can manipulate the lure while making up the location and timing of the bite.