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Condition: New
Length: 180mm
Weight: 2-1/2oz
Type: Floating


The miracle bait MEGADOG-X, which drives monsters crazy into feeding, allows for strategic feeding game in stages where they prey on large baits. The question is: "What are the factors that make surface baits selective targets for predators?" The MEGADOG series incorporates the results of Megabass' proprietary research into big bait fishing from a variety of perspectives, including marine fisheries research facilities.

Mega-power long slide action

Despite its large size, the pull resistance is extremely light, and the setting can produce a sliding action that causes the bait to run away just by reeling, thus reducing the burden on the angler.

Double inertial balancer system (PAT.)

The lure is equipped with two inertial balancer systems that maintain an appropriate distance from the action fulcrum and exert centrifugal force to move the weight. This system enables a mega-sized pencil to produce a precise sliding action under any conditions.