Unused ONETEN LBO Respect Limited Color SP-C #GP TANAGON

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Condition: Unused
Length: 115mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

GP Tanagon, along with GP Billy Max, was one of the colors created to commemorate the release of the first PlayStation game "Bass Rise" in 1999. Like the GP Billy Max, this color only existed in the first generation Vibration X (BAF model), and only a few lucky fans who won a prize were able to obtain it. As you can see from the catchy name, it is a beautiful coloration that evokes the image of the Tanago (Rosy bitterling), which is widely distributed in lakes and marshes throughout Japan. The light and delicate shine of the GP holo is effective against big bass that do not like strong flashing. The light and delicate shine of the GP holo is also effective against big bass that do not like strong flashing, and should be a reliable lure on clear lakes that have become increasingly high-pressure in recent years. We hope that many anglers, not to mention long-time fans who were unable to obtain this lure as a prize in the past, will use this color to conquer tough fields.


The world's best is about to get even better !

Equipped with the new-generation instant center-of-gravity shifting system "LBO II", the One-Ten LBO dramatically improves castability in headwinds, enabling stable long approaches even in agenst blasts.
The body, which was 110mm long, has been lengthened to 115mm, which moves the center of gravity to the tail end of the body, dramatically improving accuracy performance. In addition, the low center of gravity by LBO II and the coaxial and synchronization of the action point and the force point realize the instantaneous start-up of the action from the moment you put your hand on the reel handle. The bearing weight fixed by the neodymium magnetic field creates a sharp and highly regular jerk action, and the sharp high-pitch roll action enhanced to a different dimension further accentuates the flickering effect. This is a special one-tenth lure packed with the latest ITO Engineering technology that overturns the conventional concept of jerk baits.


1. Equipped with the LBO system, the maximum casting distance is increased by 20% (With Megabass Products).
2. The inertial impact generated by the super-low resistance weight.
3. The devastating action response that allows for instant swimming.