Megabass Performance Works MPW GENGOROBUNA

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Condition: New 
Length: 108mm
Weight: 1-3/16oz
Type: Sinking

The GENGOROBUNA is a big 100mm+ vibration imitating the Gengoro crucian carp that is caught in Lake Biwa and lakes and marshes all over Japan. The flat body with good drainage produces a light and agile response that defies common sense for big lures. It can be used for rapid casting over large areas, as well as for stop-and-go and lift-and-fall fishing, and the overwhelming vibration and powerful ripples of the big size vibration will drive the monster's preying instincts crazy.

Fine Art Finish (some colors)

The state-of-the-art fine art finish is a masterful special painting by Megabass Factory's master craftsmen.
The exquisite Art Paint, optimized for sculptural detail, is a unique, life-like, artistic, high-value finish with a unique blend of light and color.
It enhances the reality effect of slow moves and stopping (at rest) and helps to increase the number of bites.

Fine Art Finish Color:  GG Gengoro / GG Mabuna / LZ Kanehira

Tight Pitch Action

Horizontally positioned swim action and agile response even on slow retrieves.

Power Swivel

The power swivel dramatically reduces the number of fish that are lost. Realize a reliable fight with monsters.