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Condition: New
Length: 54mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

The long-awaited junior size pony that is taking the world by storm !

Since its debut, the PONY FROG series has been a big breakout hit on mat stages all over Japan! The PONY FROG series is now critically acclaimed around the world as the new generation of frogs.
The PONY GABOT has a delicate biological action that ignites the fighting instincts of clever fish with its "pinpoint dogwalk action" reminiscent of the POPX in the skimmers of heavy cover. The newest addition to the family, PONY GABOT Jr. , is just as artistic as the original size. The weight is the same as the original, only the size has been made more compact without compromising casting distance. Its compact volume gives it the image of an "insect pattern lure" that can be moved delicately in the crevices of mats, or of a "floating rubber jig" that can reach the throat of even an inadvertent vacuum bite with a single strike. The familiar catamaran cup, unique to Megabass, produces a stimulating splash shower and life-like bubble sound, turning the quiet matte cover into a stage of frenzy.

Catamaran Mouth

"Catamaran Mouth (D.PAT.P)" realizes a dog walk with less over roll that hinders hook set.

Original hooks

The original hooks are designed to dodge floating cover and provide a high probability of hooking. It provides a stress-free approach to heavy cover. A ring is installed in the weight section.
It can be customized for blade tuning.

Ponytail Skirt

The pony tail skirt reduces the contact resistance of the skirt to the water surface and does not interfere with the dog walk. The Ponytail Skirt follows the swishing action of the lure with one tempo delay to create bite opportunities.