POPMAX Fine Art Finish FA Color

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Condition: New
Length: 78mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Amazing dynamic performance !

As with other Megabass baits, POPMAX demands a lot of explaining. The original mold was again carved out by Yuki Ito rather than relying on computer design programs. And the paint works and the overall quality is impeccable as expected of Megabass. Also, POPMAX features a unique water flow system which consists of six water intakes and a water chamber. Instead of the regular water-through system used for POPX, this system utilizes the water pressure change inside the water chamber, making it act like a lip. Furthermore, when paused, the water in the chamber goes out and lifts its head, ready for a splash with a light rod action. With a gentle rod tip action POPMAX will roll-walk dynamically grabbing the water with each rolling action.

Similar to the spinal ribs that give the POPMAX a high center of gravity, Megabass' inertia balancer system gives it a high center of gravity. The roll action during the dog walk is a dynamic roll that shows the angler the belly of the POPMAX. In addition, the rear balancer is designed with an internal weight located at the core of the body, rather than a conventional booth on the inside wall of the body, in order to generate body compliance (deflection) that absorbs the impact of the plastic body surface when the POPMAX's large body collides with an obstacle during casting. In order to generate body compliance (deflection), we have developed a unique balancer mount that holds the weight in contact with the top of the weight. This is a unique weight support structure only for POPMAX.

The water flow accumulated by the cup is taken into the six water intakes, and when a certain amount of water pressure is applied to the internal water chamber, the water flow is underflowed from the two ducts on either side. The change in internal pressure in the chamber and the series of water flow discharge actions brought about by this water flow act as a lip, allowing the big bait to easily and dynamically dogwalk with the slightest movement of the rod tip and delicate rod work. Also, the moment the plug dives into the water. When the plug is reeled in, the water flow through the intakes, chambers and ducts creates a darting action (wobbling) like a crank bait. When the lure is paused, the head is raised by the balancer set at the rear of the lure to reduce the water pressure in the chamber, and the lure adopts the same floating posture as a normal topwater bait. At this time, by lightly twitching the rod, the lure can be made to splash as a popper. This system boasts an amazing strike rate not only for bass, but also for the offshore game of shorebait.

The powerful moment created by casting big plugs has damaged many injected big lures when they come into contact with rocks, etc. The MAX has a unique ribbed spine to increase its impact resistance. These ribs also allow the POPMAX to have a 13% higher center of gravity compared to the POPX when scaled to the same size, which improves the sharpness of the roll action.


The latest Fine Art Finish is a special painting by Megabass Factory's master painters.
It is a high value artistic finish with a unique life-like feel created by light and color.
The Art paint is a high value finish with a unique life of light and color. It increases the reality of slow-moving and stopping (when stationary) and helps increase the bite.

The "GG Bass," a standard color in the Megabass topwater plug lineup, including the POPX, has been brushed up with a fine art finish. The realistic, glossy shine with an increased sense of life is exactly like a juvenile bass forming a school in the field.

This is a special color that pursues a "raw" look by applying a fine art finish to a "standard" color that is essential in fields where wakasagi are the bait fish. The raw feel of this color will be effective even in fields where there are no wakasagi.

Ayu, Japan's representative freshwater fish and the queen of clear streams, is specially painted with Megabass' latest fine art finish. The ultimate natural color is based on the image of a young ayu running upstream, with the beautiful yellow spots and pale green body color of ayu, as well as the unique sliminess of ayu, realistically expressed.

The extremely delicate coating of the fine art finish is utilized to the fullest, realistically embodying a mature ayu. The lively and lifelike coloring is reminiscent of ayu feeding on moss in swift rapids. This is a royal baitfish color that produces consistent results regardless of the field, water quality, or other conditions.

Gills that live in every field are specially painted with a fine art finish. The realistic coloring is consistent in all water conditions from clear to muddy water.

The "PM Raigyo", a strong favorite among Megabass fans, has been refined with a fine art finish. The texture of the scales and the coloring of the spots are realistically expressed, while the belly has an old-fashioned cracked finish, just like the original PM Raigyo. This is a color that shines with Megabass' unique style of pursuing realism while also incorporating a sense of fun.