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Condition: New (box have scratches)
Length: 110.5mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

To Toner Mentors around the world !

The PROPDARTER 110 is based on the VISION 110 jerkbait that has a worldwide following and was tuned by the secret techniques of tournament fishermen around the world. It was developed as a jerkbait with unparalleled performance as a special version for major tournaments with the MEGABASS USA pro team and for sea bass tournaments with MEGABASS FRANCE.
For this reason, the tuning of the VISION110 has long been kept a secret around the world.
Now, I.T.O. ENGINEERING has redesigned the PROPDARTER 110 for the Japanese market.
Please experience its performance when you need it.

Slapping / Surface Range
The PROPDARTER 110 has a deeper diving range than the PROPDARTER 80. After landing on the water, it pauses... and then gives a sharp jerking motion. The sharp splash and metallic sound produced by the twin props attacking each other is followed by a "steep dive" into the water. The slap impact created by this "steady and active" "jerk and pause" repetitive action, which saves the moving distance as much as possible, is a technique that deliberately turns the fish eater's attention to the surface and forces it to switch to feeding mode. In other words, the PROPDARTER 110 is a special method minnow tuned specifically for "SLAPPING".

Dead Slow Retrieve & Dead Stickin' / Top Water
Hold the rod high and STOP & GO with super dead slow retrieve to gently agitate the water surface. Corresponding to "dead stick retrieve" to make tough monsters bite. While staggering on the surface of the water, the lure appeals with the fine rotation and bubbling of the twin prop. No other lure can provide the delicate agitation of water flow that turns on the slow fish eaters that have been pounded through the surface day after day.

Long Distance Shot & Jerk / Under Water
Instead of using the PROPDARTER 110 as a surface plug, use it as a regular jerking minnow in "under water". It is a powerful jerk bait. The wacky darting action, the unique water displacement created by the twin props, and the irregular flashes make the PROPDARTER 110 an interactive jerkbait that can be used to actively attack a wide area.