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Condition: New
Length: 103mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Floating

The jointed wake bait with R.A.B.
creates a new impact on the field !

In addition to the R.A.B. (Rudder Action Balancer PAT.) system used in the i-JACK, the i-LOUD lure was created using ITO Engineering's tuning technology to further agitate the water surface.
The body of the lure is jointed in order to move more water for nervous fish that do not come to the surface even with the sound produced by R.A.B. It is also equipped with a rear prop to produce a delicate bubble and lifelike sound. The i-LOUD is a challenging wakey prop bait that will turn on the feeding switch for unwilling fish with an aggressive approach.

R.A.B (Rudder Action Balancer System PAT.)

The hitting weight moves left and right in a pendulum motion to match the wobble roll action. The heavy weight makes instantaneous contact with the center of the side of the body, generating a loud hard sound and shock wave. The unique wavelength emitted from the real body stimulates the predatory instinct of monsters.