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Condition: Unused
Length: 45mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Floating

The GRIFFON series of lures has produced consistent catches around the world.
The QUIET GRIFFON, which inherits the GRIFFON concept of "compactness and impact," was developed as a "silent crank bait" that can sneak up on spooky lunkers under tough conditions.
Unlike the original Griffon, which lures the lure with a fluttering trajectory and switches it on with a dynamic wobbling action, the Quiet Griffon is set up with a sharp, edgy "high pitch action". The Quiet Griffon is a professional-use crankbait with competition specifications that works well in tough conditions.


The unique head design of GRIFFON's body head is designed to grab and move a large amount of water despite being a compact crank. Even though it is a shallow crank, it grabs a large amount of water resistance with both the lip and the body head, so it can regain its balance as fast as a deep crank immediately after an off-balance flounder. This is an application from LIP IN BAIT. It can even swim through even if a small amount of debris is caught.


GRIFFON is designed to have a wider rolling angle when floundering than standard shallow crankbaits. The lip shape was developed based on shallow bottom contact tests and structure avoidance tests to create a wide rolling angle when floundering with a minimum lip area appropriate for shallow runners, without making the lip unnecessarily large, long, or thick. This is an original GRIFFON lip that also plays a role in the snagless effect of the front hook.