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Black Viper is a gloss black base color that exists only on the Quiet Griffon. The back has a crack pattern, and the blue-purple IL (Illusion) paint shines through the cracks, creating a unique coloring. The jet-black body, combined with the silver scale pattern representing the scales of a snake and the contrast with the dark pink berries, makes for a very impactful color scheme. As the name "Black Viper" implies, this coloring gives a venomous image and a bewitching aura. Incidentally, the Quiet Griffon was added to the Griffon series around 2009, but it is a very rare color since the production of the Quiet Griffon itself has now been terminated. The Quiet Griffon is now being reissued with pink eyes to reproduce the texture of the original release, while the other items will be produced in a limited edition with red eyes. The Quiet Griffon, which will be produced for the first time in a long time, as well as the other items, which will be produced in this color for the first time, will be a valuable addition to the lineup. The black body with a clear silhouette will be especially effective in low light and muddy water in the morning and evening.