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The Crystal Lime Frog is a clear-based chart color that was lined up as one of the custom colors introduced in the mid-2000s. It was used only on topwater plugs such as the original Dog X and Pop X. As the name suggests, it was a beautiful color with a bright lime green base and light gold pearl stripes that seemed to represent the body color of a tree frog. At the time, Megabass had frog colors such as the Tonosama Frog and CMF (Cracked Mat Frog), but these were all natural colors that did not allow light to penetrate, and frog colors with a clear base and emphasis on appeal were rare. The eye-catching color scheme made this color very popular, and there were many reports of fish caught using this color at the time. At first glance, this color may seem flashy, but its clear body blends into the water surprisingly well, and despite being a chart color, it also has a natural aspect to it. The high visibility of this color makes it an effective lure for targeting highly active bass that are tightly attached to structure. Until now, this color has only been available in top water plugs, so this is the first time it has been used in under water items such as the Oneten Series and SR-X Griffon. Since the Crystal Lime Frog has never existed in this genre before, this will be a lineup you won't want to miss.