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Dorado is a GG (Guanium Ghost) type gold base color that is used in Pop X and Pop Max. The color scheme is inspired by the dorado, a golden monster fish that lives in the Amazon River in South America. Megabass' natural colors are mainly realistic representations of Japanese native freshwater fish, but there are also colors that are inspired by foreign fish species, and the Dorado was invented as part of such a color scheme. Generally speaking, the most appealing colors for bass lures are fluorescent colors and metallic color patterns that do not exist in nature, but most of these colors are artificial and lack a sense of life. In order to break the stereotype that appealing colors are artificial, Megabass has been using a variety of techniques to represent real fish species and organisms. The Dorado is no exception to this rule, with its flashy, but irregular glow from the GG holo creating an exquisite color scheme with a biological feel. The most effective time to use this color is from dusk to dusk on sunny days, when the strong flashing of the sides can be used to maximum effect. This is the golden time of the day when you are most likely to get a bite, just like the golden dorado. We hope that many anglers will experience the explosive power hidden in this color.