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FROZEN HASU is Megabass' newest color, existing only on the Megadog-X, which was launched in 2022. It is the base color for the previously introduced PINK BACK FROZEN HASU, a rare baitfish-type natural color with a mat coat finish. The coloring is a combination of various elements, including a clear base that allows light to penetrate through, a fine shine on the entire body from the pearlescent paint, and a unique texture from the mat coat. Mat coating is a popular technique that is generally used for loud, appealing colors such as chart and pink, but Megabass has long used it for realistic natural colors as well. This FROZEN HASU is also a natural color with delicate and light coloration, but the mat coat finish beautifully expresses a dying baitfish. The atmosphere is just like that of a lotus on ice, just as the name implies. It is a highly versatile color that is not easily affected by weather or water quality, so it is a color that should be tried in a variety of fields regardless of the season or conditions.