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Genroku is an old taste color that exists in PopX and Popmax. The color name comes from "Genroku," the first name of the Edo period (1603-1868), and the name is derived from its unique atmosphere reminiscent of textiles of the time. This color incorporates many of Megabass' advanced painting techniques, including a beautifully even parrot pattern, large and small scale patterns with IL (Illusion) paint, and a crack pattern on the belly. Because of the many painting processes involved, the number of production is far fewer than for other colors, and the period during which they were sold was not that long, making this lineup extremely valuable. The color direction is similar to that of the Mothra OB introduced previously, but the more complex color scheme can be said to be unique to this color. The beautiful finish, which is comparable to traditional Japanese craftsmanship, is sure to impress many anglers. The color has a memorable name, unique and distinctive coloring, and above all, its presence and all other aspects of the Megabass style. Its practicality in the field is also well documented, so even if you are not a Megabass fan, you should pick up a copy of this color at least once.