Respect Color GG BIWAHIGAI

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GG Biwa Higai is a guanine ghost-type color that was part of the Live X Revenge lineup. As the name suggests, it is inspired by the Lake Biwa endemic Biwa Higai, and features a male Biwa Higai with nuptial coloration imitated, with appropriate deformation in the Megabass style. The natural coloring of the lure has been used on clear lakes, and its beautiful coloring is a natural silver base with blue-green and violet tints. It is also interesting in that the color pattern is different from its sister colors, such as the GS Biwa Higai and SF Biwa Higai, which were developed later. Therefore, the GG Biwa Higai is a color exclusive to Live X Revenge, and it is a valuable color that no other lure has in the same family. Incidentally, this color was described as GG Higai in the Y1999 concept album "ROAD," but was changed to GG Biwa Higai in the following concept album "Ground Zero" in Y2000. There are slight differences not only in the color name but also in the hue depending on the year of production, so please enjoy the comparison with the reissued version.