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Yuki Ito and Megabass's Factory Meister went through a trial-and-error process to create a "deep black" color that is unique to Megabass. Although black is a standard color for bass plugs, it is surprisingly difficult to achieve a deep black color. Of course, you can still catch fish, but it's not enough to make the lure interesting or beautiful. To solve this problem, Ito first applied a silver holographic coating to the base, and then applied a thin layer of black so as not to erase the shine. The result was a black silhouette with a gunmetal finish, yet the holo underneath glowed in rainbow colors.
This is a process that is not necessary if you just want to catch fish, but by taking the time and effort, we pursue beauty that stimulates our senses as well as functionality. In a sense, this color is the most typical Megabass color, with such attention to detail shining through everywhere.