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GG Midnight Bone is a black base color that has been part of the Popmax lineup since its early days when it was introduced in 2002. The color is a combination of the previously introduced GG Deadly Black Shad and a silver bone pattern with a classic American taste. While the GG Deadly Black Shad has a natural pearl white belly, this one has a highly visible orange belly for added appeal. The unique color scheme has made it a popular color, but to date it has not been used in any other lure except the Popmax. As is the case with the GG Deadly Black Shad, the black GG color has a more subdued flashing effect than the gold or silver GG colors. Even in very muddy conditions, the silhouette of the lure is clearly visible, yet it is not too shiny and delicate. Depending on the conditions, this color has the potential to be a lunker killer and should definitely be added to your color rotation. It has not been produced since it was removed from the standard color lineup a few years ago, and this will be the first time it will be used in a lure other than the Popmax, so it should be a lineup you won't want to miss.