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At a time when most silver minnows were relatively simple colors such as silver-black and blue-silver, Yuki Ito researched realistic colors based on Japanese freshwater fish. While creating maniacal patterns such as the GG Moroko and GG Kawamutsu, he also introduced the GG Wakasagi as a standard, unconventional betfish pattern. The GG Wakasagi was used in the Pop X, Giant Dog X, X-70, etc., and was a standard silver-black color in the lineup. Nowadays, Wakasagi is recognized as one of the most important baits for bass fishing, but at the time, there was no concept of Wakasagi patterns, and it was more of a bait that trout fans were aware of. In this sense, the GG Wakasagi was a color that anticipated the keyword "Wakasagi" in modern bass fishing. When we added this color to the Respect Color lineup, we used the old GG hologram that we were using at the time, the so-called speckled hologram. The old GG has a high light transmittance and is especially effective in clear lakes and reservoirs where many Wakasagi live. We hope you will enjoy the difference in texture compared to the current GG Wakasagi.