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IL RED HEAD is a nostalgic classic color that has been used on Live X Margay SW since around 2002.
The most distinctive feature of this color is that the IL (Illusion) paint is applied to the Red Head, which has boasted a stable performance over a long period of time, and the color tone changes bewitchingly depending on the angle of view and the reflection of light. The addition of brown paint, which is not used in the regular Red Head, gives it a metallic texture, and the color of the head is reminiscent of the previously introduced TRIPLE ILLUSION. This color allows anglers to fully enjoy the beauty of the Megabass paint, not to mention its high fishing performance. Although it was only available as a standard color for a short period of time, there are also various derivative colors, such as the limited edition salt lure set and the special color available only at fishing shows. This color has the potential to be used in a variety of situations, regardless of the field or species of fish, and we hope you will take this opportunity to try it out.