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"Killer Kawaguchi" is a clear natural color that exists in POPX and Live-X Margay. As its name suggests, it was designed for Lake Kawaguchi, one of Japan's representative highland lakes, and was mainly designed to capture tough conditions in low water temperatures. The color was also requested by many of the professional anglers supported by Megabass at the time, and has gained popularity as a color that can be used to win tournaments. The color features a natural olive green color combined with a light clear purple to realistically depict small baits such as wakasagi and shrimp lurking in the weeds. Although the image is that of a ghost wakasagi, the color is not intended to imitate any specific baitfish, but rather is focused on the lure's ability to blend in with the water on clear lakes. The subdued color scheme will not cause discomfort to even the most seasoned bass, making it an effective color in the toughest fields. Depending on the conditions, it can outperform finesse worms in catching bass, making it a very powerful weapon in tough fishing conditions. It is an indispensable color for clear lakes where high pressure is increasing.