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M AKAKIN is a historic, classic color that reminds us of Megabass in the early 90s, and was included in the lineup of the first Vibration X and the first Deep X200 until around 1994. At that time, it was simply called AKAKIN, and along with END MAX and BILLY MAX, it was popular as a stripe-type color. However, after 1995, the stripe-less M KINGYO and other colors appeared in the same lineup, and the M AKAKIN disappeared from the lineup. The production period was extremely short, and it is now a rare color that is extremely difficult to obtain. The GG AKAKIN in the current lineup has a slightly different texture due to the difference in holograms, but the color and overall balance have remained virtually unchanged since that time, and it has become a standard color that has been highly reliable and has produced good fishing results over the years. It is especially effective in the morning and evening, and many anglers have come to rely on it for its high versatility for all types of fish. In a sense, it is the most versatile color, as it can be used not only for bass, but also for trout and salt water game.