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Moth-la OB is an appealing color that exists only on the original Dog X and Giant Dog X. It was introduced around 2002, when Megabass was challenging various painting techniques, and is a beautiful color that combines visibility and exquisite translucency, which are essential for top water fishing. The coloring represents a moth in the Megabass style, and its naming comes from a certain world-famous monster movie. The color has a classic taste, combining a parrot pattern with a scaly shading, while the pale gold pearl coloring on the entire body brings out a modern atmosphere. It is a popular color among Megabass fans because of its unique snake-like coloration, and there have been many requests to reproduce it, so it was decided to reissue it as a respectful color this time. Incidentally, OB stands for Orange Berry, and there is a sister color, Moth-la CB in Chart Berry. It was with the appearance of these colors that the abbreviation for the berry part of the color came to be used, and this trend continues to this day, making these colors a part of Megabass's history. All of these colors are exclusive to topwater plugs, and the Moth-la OB in particular will be a valuable addition to the lineup, as there are only a few items that have used it so far.