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Pink Back Frozen Hasu is a custom color that combines a flashy pink back based on the Frozen Hasu present in the Megadog X, which was launched in 2022. It is only used in the world's first transformational jointbait, the Switch, which was also introduced in 2022, and is still a valuable color with a small market distribution. Generally, most lotus-imitated colors are metallic with an emphasis on flashing, but this color has a clear base with minimal flashing and an emphasis on water compatibility. The fluorescent pink on the back not only has a simple attractant effect, but also improves visibility from the angler's side. The greatest advantage of this color is that it has a good balance of appeal and naturalness, and is versatile enough to be used in any season or field. In addition, while the base Frozen Lotus has a matte finish, this one has a gloss finish and different characteristics other than the fluorescent pink on its back. It is very rare to see Megabass' latest color in a respect color, but this is a color that should not be overlooked in that this is the first time it has been used in a color other than Switch.