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Like the Crystal Lime Frog, the Rising Sun is a clear base color that was introduced as one of the custom colors in the mid-2000s. It is used only on topwater plugs such as the Pop X and Prop Darter 80, and has a special color scheme in which the entire body is almost colorless and transparent. It was rare to see a color scheme with so little coloration in Megabass' color lineup, and it was very popular, but it was a departure from Megabass' color concept, and its production was discontinued after a short period of time. Despite the name "Rising Sun" meaning "sunrise," the best time to use this color is when the sun is high in the sky and it is the highlight of the day. The clear body of the lure, which has been exposed to the sunlight, makes the lure feel less uncomfortable to fish, and it has the power to make even sluggish bass, who have been turned off by natural colors that pursue realism, talk. The pale clear chart on the back, which is the minimum appeal factor, also increases visibility to the angler, making it an effective coloration for sight fishing in tough clear lakes. Shortly after its release, a minor change was made to the Rising Sun II, adding an orange spot to the tail. It will be a great reprint for the core fans who could not get this color at the time.