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The Sakura Ghost is a special color that was part of Megabass' "Sakura Dynamites" limited color project that was developed around 2010. The Sakura Dynamites series itself has gone up to its third installment, and Sakura Ghost was the first of the series to be released. The colors used were the Live X Margay and DD Griffon, and sister colors such as Sakura Coach and Sakura Flash were also released at the same time. All of these colors were based on the image of cherry blossoms, with a bright pink base color and gold precision paint on the tail to resemble cherry blossom petals.
This precision painting was also applied to the second and third colors, and has become a symbolic icon of the Sakura Dynamite series. The Sakura Ghost is one of the most popular colors, with a beautiful finish that utilizes the transparency of the clear body to create an appealing and natural look. It is especially effective against big bass during the pre-spawn period in early spring, and depending on the lure, it may also be effective in saltwater.
This color was originally produced in limited quantities, so anglers who were unable to get their hands on it at the time will be happy to see it reprinted.