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Sakura Viper is a special color that was included in Megabass' limited-edition "Sakura Dynamites" color lineup around 2010. Along with the previously introduced Sakura Ghost, this coloring was very popular due to its eye-catching color scheme. The bright pink color, inspired by cherry blossoms, is common to the series, but the crack pattern on the back and the silver scale pattern representing the scales of a snake give the viper (pit viper) a sense of presence that lives up to its name. Unlike the Sakura Ghost, which is both appealing and natural, this color is designed to be highly appealing. As is typical of this series, the tail of the lure has been painted with a gold precision coating in the motif of cherry blossom petals, and this color, the third in the series, continues the series' iconic design. This color is especially effective for pre-spawn big bass in early spring, but it can also be used for sight-fishing, taking advantage of its visibility. The original color was produced in limited quantities, so core fans will be happy to see this reissue.