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SG Hot Shad is a pearl-based chart color that was used in the old Deep X series and Live X Margay. It is the original form of the PM Hot Shad, which is now one of the standard colors for saltwater lures, and is a popular SG (Super Ghost) type color that was often seen in the late 90's coloring. Its greatest feature is that it is a pearl-based chart color with a moderate degree of transparency, and it is especially effective in situations where a solid chart color such as Do-chart or Hot Tiger would be too appealing. It is also very delicate and blends into the water surprisingly well in backlit conditions, making it very versatile and useful in tough clear lakes during daytime highlights. There was a time when Megabass slightly changed the color scheme of each lure, even if it was the same color, and the base color of the eyeball and pearl of this SG Hot Shad is slightly different depending on the lure. The SG Hot Shad also has a slightly different base color for the eyeballs and pearls for each lure. This time, we have faithfully reproduced the color scheme of the old Deep X series, which was one of the most distinctive lures of its time, and brought back the color and texture of that time to the present. The pale blue pearl on the entire body and the fluorescent orange around the eyeballs are sure to bring back memories for many core fans.