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SG Kasumi Reaction is a tiger pattern color named after Kasumigaura, one of the major fields in the Kanto region, which is still as popular as ever. Like the GG Kasumi Tiger previously introduced, this color was invented with Kasumigaura strategy in mind, but since its introduction around 2000, it has only been used on the Live X Revenge. It is not uncommon nowadays to select natural colors for tough conditions on muddy lakes such as Kasumigaura, but in those days it was common practice to select flashy appealing colors such as chartreuse and kinkuro regardless of the conditions. For such Kasumigaura, the SG Kasumi Reaction, which was launched in a subdued color scheme combining a pale pearl ghost with a green tiger pattern, must have attracted a lot of attention. In fact, there are certain situations where a ghost color that blends well with the water is effective, even in muddy water, under severe conditions in early spring or at famous spots that are visited by many anglers every day. It should be noted that the SG (Super Ghost) specification was only used for the initial production of the Live X Revenge, after which the specification was changed to PM (Pearl Mica) with slightly less transparency. This time, the reissue is in the early SG specification, which gives core fans a sense of nostalgia.