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TLC is a clear chart color that was used in the X-70 and Bait X Concept. This beautiful color was introduced around 2002, at the same time as its sister color, TLO. The color name, TLC, stands for "twilight chart," and the coloring expresses the bright hours just after dawn and dusk in the Megabass way. As the name suggests, it is positioned as a special color for the morning and evening midsummer hours, and the flashy chart berry maximizes its appeal, which is essential in low light conditions. The back is a rare two-tone color scheme of violet and white, which is intended to have a flickering effect and improve visibility. The combination of a natural clear body and a charted belly that triggers reaction bites will also be effective for sight fishing on tough clear lakes. Incidentally, the Lip-in Bait, a nostalgic salt lure among Megabass fans, is also available in a PM (Pearl Mica) version of this color, so it should also be effective for salt targets, especially sea bass. The clear chart berry color is a standard color scheme for sea bass lures, and it is a color that can be expected to be used not only for bass but also in saltwater.