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Triple Illusion is one of the beautiful colorings that appeared around 2002, when Megabass began actively introducing IL (Illusion) paint, which changes color tones depending on how light hits it. This color was used on the Vision One Ten, Giant Dog X, and other models, and was very popular due to its unique presence. The origin of the color name "Triple" comes from the fact that this color has three different tones of IL paint on the back, sides, and tiger pattern, whereas other IL colors have IL paint only on the back. The glossy life-like appearance created by the combination of violet on the back, chic and subdued bronze-red on the sides, and the pale shiny gold tiger pattern is a unique characteristic of this color. Another unique feature of the Triple Illusion is that while other Tiger-type colors such as Mat Tiger and Red Tiger use a common Tiger pattern, this Triple Illusion has a special pattern created to emphasize the IL painted Tiger pattern. This unparalleled coloring, in which the entire body changes color tones, is unique among Megabass's numerous color lineups.