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Condition: New
Length: -
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Sinking

Extremely comfortable to use !

The Robin Blade is a chatterbait designed to be extremely comfortable to use. What we sought was high straight-line stability and range-keeping ability to keep adjusting to the prey range of big bass. And we wanted a sharp, ultra-high pitch vibration that would be transmitted to the hand even when it was clinging to a piece of weed. In order to fuse these features at a high dimension, the "HEXA-V plate," Megabass's unique vertical fold processing, has been exclusively designed. The original hook is equipped with a double worm keeper to securely hold a trailer worm and overwhelming strength to withstand the power of a monster. From approaching to fighting, the HEXA-V hook ensures encounters with monster fish in all situations.

Specially designed HEXA-V plate boasts excellent vibration transmission performance. High straight-line stability and range keeping ability that prevents staggered retrieves even on fast retrieves.

Double worm keepers securely hold a trailer worm.
Also, it is designed with a strong original hook #6/0.