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Condition: New
Length: 74.5mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Floating

The biggest appeal of the S-CRANK series !
Big size S-CRANK 2.0 is now available !

Support To Win (STW) is a custom development program that places Megabass’ top designers at the disposal of the US Pro Team to hand-craft limited tackle. STW’s sole purpose is to help our anglers get closer to their goal at every tournament: Win.
The biggest entry to the S-CRANK lineup to date, the 2.0 serves up a large, carefully refined meal to entice even the most tentative kicker fish. Honed through years of development through the STW program, the S-CRANK square bill concept features a patented design that generates a hard-hitting wobble along with an erratic hunting, wandering retrieve. Unique hunting action works even at high-speeds, darting off-course to trigger reaction bites that would traditionally require deflections.
Large, captivating profile gives off a powerful, enticing wobble to lure inactive predators. Square bill design and high buoyancy combine to reduce hang-ups to allow precise targeting of structure.

Action changes ! Tight wobbling and slalom action

At first, it only wobbles tightly, but when it reaches a certain diving depth, it suddenly changes to a tight wobbling and slalom action!
The lure attracts fish with its surface action, not with its line action like a normal crank bait, and allows you to explore widely with one cast.