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Condition: New
Length: 62mm
Weight: 3/16oz
Type: Suspend

Secret finesse bait that shows its destructive power in tough conditions !

The SHADING-X pursues the ultimate realistic form with the thinnest body shape in its class to overcome tough conditions. It is equipped with a new triangle balancing system that achieves both an excellent flying posture and a stable swimming posture. Despite its ultra-thin body form, it has long castability, and the back-mounted weight on the back is movable so that it suspends in a horizontal position when stopped. When the lure is stopped, it suspends in a horizontal position. When the action starts, it switches to a forward leaning position. The lure swims responsively. When retrieved dead slow, which is essential during low water temperatures, the lure produces a lustrous live action like a real bait. When retrieved at high speed, its high-pitch wobbling action triggers feeding bites. The ultimate in delicacy. SHADING-X, the master shad, shows its destructive power only in tough conditions. It is a secret finesse bait.