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Condition: Used (Hooks are replaced)
Length: 65mm
Weight: 3/16oz
Type: Suspend

Ideal model for deep range attack in severe cold season !

The high pitch and tight action of the original SHADING-X allows the fish to swim to a diving depth of 3m without feeling much drag. The tapered lip produces a sharp dart with a little rod action.
The most distinctive feature and strength of the Shadin X series is that it is strong even in low water temperatures. The reason for this is due to its high pitch and tight action. During low water temperatures, fish themselves do not move as much or are less active in their feeding activities, and they tend to dislike lures that scratch the water and have a strong action. Therefore, we have developed a model that has a fast pitch and high appeal, but moves tightly enough to get inactive fish to bite. Specifically, it is effective when used in conditions below 15℃. Or, even in water temperatures above 15℃, the SHADING-X DEEP is effective in situations where the water temperature drops rapidly.