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Condition: New
Length: 3.0 inch
Weight: 5/8oz
Type: Sinking

Cast this and you'll get bites !
Ultra-realistic soft craw jig !

The long-awaited snagless craw jig is now available in the very popular Dark Sleeper series that has been sweeping bass fields around the world. The "Sleeper Craw" does not need any of the crayfish-like effects that rubber jigs have been used to produce. It moves and looks just like a crawfish. The hook and hook point of the Sleeper series are hidden and stored. It promises high hooking avoidance performance and accurate hook setting. If you can't catch fish with the Sleeper Craw, you will have to change the location.


The jig head hook built into the body has a hollow and slit structure to guard the hook point. This improves the hook's ability to avoid obstacles, while at the same time ensuring high hooking performance due to the clearance around the hook gape.


The high buoyancy material allows the arm to rise to the surface when the lure hits the bottom, faithfully imitating a crayfish raising its scissors in a threatening manner. The arm, designed to be thin at the base, responds quickly to rod action and water currents, and the highly durable material will not tear to pieces.