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Condition: New (box and paper have some damages)
Length: -
Weight: 3g
Type: Sinking

Irregular-action spoon !

SPOON-X is manufactured using Megabass' proprietary method, which is completely different from the conventional spoon manufacturing method. The edge of the spoon is designed with a beautiful crescent edge without the press cut surface. The secret is that this excellent water sharpness produces that wonderful tricky action by twitching the spoon. The unique 3D shape of the lure, with its weighted head, allows the lure to sink with a cranking action when the retrieve is slowed down. The SPOON-X is different from conventional spoons used for free reeling, and is designed to catch the trout that do not respond to the usual monotonous retrieve with a delicate twitch with an ultralight rod. The design of this spoon is designed to catch the slack-jawed trout that no longer responds to the usual retrieve. SPOON-X is a new concept spoon designed to catch the trout that have not been able to catch up with the fish.