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The 33-year-old "V" puts an end to the spinnerbait debate !

Project Living Legend is based on the great V-3, which has a place in history as one of the original fish head spinnerbaits, and pursues the latest spinnerbait format for fishing and winning in the toughest fields in the United States. The Super V3 is the ideal form of spinnerbait, embodying the knowledge of the elite team including Ito, the creator of the original V-3, the ITO Engineering Team, and Chris Zaldin, a B.A.S.S. Elite Series competitor. The masterpiece of spinner baits, the SV-3 unleashes a host of innovative specs for the toughest of fields.


Megabass' unique new LSAA (Level Swimming Angle Arm) form not only creates a natural horizontal swim balance, but also produces an instant posture change from the action break, resulting in an instantaneous return to the swim position. It is a unique design that is minimally compact and formed to reduce aerodynamic drag when casting and to be stealthy so as not to be a visual warning factor for fish. Moreover, the SV-3 uses extra-thick steel wire with dramatically improved durability. On top of this, the SV-3 transmits the largest strong wave vibrations that are greater than those generated by conventional thin-shafted lines used to increase vibrations. The innovative triangle platform is used to increase the snagless effect from all structure entry angles while marking an astonishing hook-set rate.


The shape of the head was derived from extensive testing to achieve amazing straight-line stability even on ultra high-speed retrieves and instantaneous fluttering and flickering when it comes into contact with an obstacle. The speed of instantaneous posture recovery from posture changes caused by contact is at an impressive level.


The fusion of two surfaces, a flat surface and an R surface, produces sharp, edgy vibrations and intense strobe flicker over a wide angle. The change in angle of rotation produces a sharp, sharp vibration and strong wave action that is transmitted to the hand. This dramatically increases the attraction of reaction bites.


The HIRAMEN SKIRT flutters in response to blade vibration and retrieve speed, creating a unique life-like sensation reminiscent of a Tai Kabura. It also shimmers like a flat-cut worm during the fall and on slow retrieves, creating a natural reaction at any time. This will increase the chances of bites.