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Condition: New
Length: 30mm
Weight: 2.7g
Type: Floating

SIGLETT's long-awaited downsizing !

The "SIGLETT" is a special wing bug that goes deep into the heart of the bug pattern game. First, enjoy the realistic sound of cicadas. Exquisite sound tuning focused on stimulation that surpasses that of real cicadas. The bulky "rattle chamber body" produces a resonance sound, which is like a fading "jijiko jijiko..." sound. The "cowl wing," designed for a never-before-seen wing attack sound, produces an agitation sound that further accentuates the peculiar SIGLETT sound. In addition, research has been conducted to create a pin-spot feel. It doubles the "table turn" and "crawl pitch" with less short distance. This creates minute vibrations and ripples, which together with the tasty sound, promote bites. Of course, it also works as a stimulating crawling bait even when rolled free. In addition, the SIGLETT's "center hook balance" has dramatically improved the hook-up rate with a single hook, in pursuit of lightweight movement. The exquisite opening and closing action of the "low elastic wing," which gently bounces the water back and forth, is sped up to produce fine ripples that generate many bites even when the lure is operated by STOP & GO. This is a lure that can be used for bass, native trout, area fishing, and many other types of target fish, and it is a fun lure to use to attract fish and bring about overwhelming results.

Slow floating setting with low buoyancy

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