VATALION190 Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 190mm
Weight: 4-3/4oz
Type: Slow Floating

Pacific Rim without question

Immediately after the announcement, reports of Vatalion catching big bass have been pouring in. When the big fish slips out of sight, that's when Vatalion comes into play.
ITO ENGINEERING has developed a giant killer bait to catch even cleverer giant fish. To reduce retrieve stress on anglers, taking into account the increased resistance and weight of the lure The body shape and weight balance have been repeatedly tested, and the lure's unique "tight drive and roll" natural action, which is a far cry from the wide and turn type S-shape action of conventional lures, can catch tough monster fish that are wary of the conventional exaggerated wide and turn action. It brings you to the bite without a bite.
The Vatalion 190 has a unique shifting action that only works on slippery monsters, such as a quick turn on a slow retrieve, a rolling swim on a fast retrieve, and an extremely minimal inertial slide on a stop. On the other hand, its large surface area creates a strong fish-collecting wave and flashing action that far surpasses its original size and produces monster hunting performance of a different dimension.

Free Eye

Equipped with eyes that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as attaching buoyancy control weights.