VIBRATION-X BAF Brass Appeal Floating

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Condition: New (stain on the label)
Length: 73.0mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Targeting Gill Eater Bass !
A specially tuned model of the Surface Vibration is now available !

From early summer to summer, we often see bluegills floating near the surface of the water. Bass are sometimes preying on these gills and are sensitive to the slightest action on the surface or the timing of the gills diving underwater. Megabass has tuned the first generation Vibration X B.A.F. (Brass Appeal Floating), which boasted phenomenal fishing results in extremely shallow water.
A factory-tuned model was created with a unique sound and floating posture that stimulates the feeding habits of bass. Please try the power of Megabass Factory's exclusive tuning, which has an established reputation in tournaments.