Unused VIBRATION-X Brass Appeal 1996

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 73.0mm
Weight: 5/8oz
Type: Sinking

Legend of Sound !

VIBRATION-X, the world's first lure to introduce sound system theory to the world of vibration. VIBRATION-X is a Megabass lure that has pioneered systematic proposals not only in terms of sound, but also in terms of other aspects, such as the Brass Appeal model with an appealing sound, the Silent Natural with a natural muffled vibration, and the Floating model produced in 1995. The secret behind the unique vibration of the Vibration X is its ability to produce the kind of results that only the Vibration X can produce when others are silent. The wide vibration amplitude cycle is created by the dynamic vibrating action, which is quite different from the small swimming action of conventional vibration baits.
We have decided to produce it again in limited quantities so that core anglers can once again experience the results it has produced over many years in all kinds of fields.
We hope you will experience its amazing vibration magic in the fields of today.

This super sound model accentuates its presence with its special sound and switches on the feeding mode of active bass. It is extremely effective for muddy water fishing and as a pilot bait in a wide range of water.