Used X-120 SW

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Condition: Used
Length: 121.5mm
Weight: 12.5g
Type: Floating

A super slim minnow that can be used with any method at a high level !

The X-120SW is a super slim minnow designed specifically for shore fishing for sea bass in surf, estuaries and mud flats.
It features an ultra-small "tip bill" lip that reduces air resistance to the utmost limit and still swims flexibly under low water pressure.
The body has been slimmed down to the utmost limit by adopting a super high specific gravity tungsten center of gravity.
Despite its lightweight slim body weighing only 12.5g, it achieves an amazing flying distance that surpasses big size minnows.
The diving depth is set at 40cm or shallower below the surface, which is the main feeding range of sea bass.
It is a super slim minnow that can be used with a wide range of retrieve speeds and methods, from a very slow retrieve where the lure drifts just below the surface to a medium to fast retrieve where the lure explores a wide area.