Unused X-52 ACROBAT

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Condition: Unused
Length: 52mm
Weight: 3.2g
Type: Floating

Compact finesse minnow body,
filled with explosive high-impact potential !

The X-52 Acrobat packs a bold punch much larger than its small frame would suggest. Designed to lure big fish with its finesse approach, the Acrobat springs into action with a twitch of the rod, delivering big action to trigger reaction bites.
Built for situations when visible fish don’t commit, the Acrobat gives off a hi-pitch wobble and roll with straight retrieve, triggering bites from stubborn fish with well-timed rod action. Active moving balancer system drives unparalleled casting distance for its size, and guides life-like swimming action.
The new generation of finesse minnow has arrived, and it packs a punch.