X-80 MAGNUM CASTING Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 115mm
Weight: 17.5g
Type: Sinking

X-80 Magnum is finally awakening

The X-80, nicknamed "Hachimaru," has been a staple on the saltwater scene around the world for years, and now Yuki Ito, the creator of the Hachimaru, has developed the next legend in the X-80 series. The X-80 MAGNUM retains the unique shiner body form, but significantly increases the overall length of the body to produce an extreme "bait-like movement" and an unprecedented "stimulating wave" action, leaving behind the common action of seabass lures over 100mm in length. It produces an unprecedented "stimulating wave action".
The natural impact of this lure surpasses that of live baits and drives monsters roaming in the vast open shallows into an overwhelming feeding mode. In addition, the triple center-of-gravity shift of three ultra-high specific gravity, small-diameter tungsten balancers simultaneously achieves overwhelming long castability that defies the conventional wisdom of slim minnows. The X-80 MAGNUM is the ultimate item for catching giant sea bass over 80 cm in size.

Equipped with a newly shaped lip for both sharp action and toughness.

In order to target more monster sea bass, the X-80's original action has been retained while the overall body length has been increased.

Tungsten Triple Weight Oscillating System

This system converts inertia into propulsive force, giving the shiner body, which has more aerodynamic drag than a slim minnow,
a different dimension of super long-distance flight performance. When casting, three ultra-high specific gravity, small-diameter tungsten balancers make point contact in series, creating an impact of specific gravity x inertia that achieves overwhelming long castability. The "real body" that catches fish is carried to the target's face.